The end and beginning of an era

BAUBERGER dismantled various installations on the factory site of ZEOCHEM in Uetikon and loaded them for transport to Bosnia.

Djordje Maljkovic, project manager of the client ATI inženjering from Belgrad, “The job was pretty tough. It all got done unbelievably fast, but only thanks to the good, high-quality work done by the BAUBERGER team. I’m really thankful to the whole team.”

For example, on the first floor of the factory a 12-t pipe calciner was dismantled and removed and loaded under very cramped conditions. In addition, six 10-t silos and a 35-t steel structure were dismantled on the outdoor site and loaded for transport to Bosnia.



Zeochem is well-known for the manufacture of zeolites, silica chemistry and mineral fertilizer production and is a successor to the oldest still existing chemicals factory in Switzerland. The Chemische Fabrik Uetikon was established in 1818 by the Bros. Schnorf and produced sulphuric acid and iron and copper vitriol. The era of the oldest chemicals factory in Switzerland is now coming to an end.

The production location in Uetikon has been shut down and shifted to Zvornik in Bosnia/Herzegovina, among other places – where in contrast a new era is beginning!

Special equipment

  • Truck with crane
  • Pneumatic crane 50-t and 110-t
  • SBB rail-mounted crane
  • Haulotte vertical platform lift
  • Fork- and assembly lift
  • Rotational skates
  • Beam tongs 5-t
  • Chain hoists


Beat, Urs, Erich, Willy, Thomas, Hansjörg, Etienne

Pictures: Djordje Maljkovic