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WALDRICH COBURG specialises in the manufacture of high-precision large machine tools. As a global player in this sector, the Coburg site manufactures portal milling machines, vertical turning machines and grinding machines.

 Besides existing milling machines for points, a WALDRICH COBURG machining centre for machining parts of points in a “PowerTec FAD“-type gantry design with two milling supports with a total weight of approx. 350 tonnes was installed at the SBB Railway Engineering Centre in Hägendorf. The new machine has a total length of over 34 metres and can mill and drill points and rail parts along a length of 23 metres, while machining can take place from two sides simultaneously.

Bauberger AG was commissioned to install the new machine. All-in-all, 27 lorry transport journeys were required to deliver the machine and the greatest challenge was finding enough space for the intermediate storage of the machine parts. Logistically, the entire team was faced with an enormous puzzle, which required the precise coordination of the specific materials required for each stage.

The completion of the 2,000-tonne foundation was followed by the installation of the machine base (approx. 75 t). After that, the machine portal, consisting of carriages (approx. 20 t), stand (approx. 9 t) and crossbeam (approx. 29 t), was installed. Finally, the two 12.5-tonne milling heads and milling supports, each with a drive power of 75 kW, were mounted via Montylift. All of these parts had to be precisely installed with an installation tolerance of < 1 mm.

“The communication between the WALDRICH COBURGSBB and Bauberger fitters was outstanding and the coordination and collaboration in these narrow spaces was flawless”, says Nevio Ott/Assembly Supervisor at Bauberger.

Special equipment

  • Hubylift 75-tonnes
  • Montylift 36-tonnes
  • 4x lifting columns (hydraulic)
  • Heavy duty industry roller 47,5-tonnes
  • Forklift 7-tonnes
  • Forklift


Nevio, André, Albert, Rico, Thomas



September 14, 2024

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