Up in the air

A new production line for material processing is currently under construction at AG Cilander.

The 17-tonne steamer, premounted on its base to a steel platform, was lifted to the requisite height of 3 m above the ground to enable the supports to be mounted underneath.

Since the steamer had to be positioned just under the ceiling, it was lifted accordingly using a girder construction (4.5 tonne) beneath the steel structure and lifting gear.


About AG Cilander

As a well-established and innovative textile company, AG Cilander, based in Herisau (Germany), is well-known beyond the country’s borders for its high quality finishing work. The company’s USP throughout the world is in particular its development of customised problem solutions for selected finishing work.

Special equipment

  • Truck with crane
  • 30-tonne lifting gear
  • Forklift truck


Gregor, André, Reto, Erich


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