This exchange went through the roof

Espritec AG, based in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, wants to maintain a high production quality standard also in the future. To achieve this goal, an investment in a new 24-ton heavy 5-axis machining center was made. We were tasked with the relocation of the old machine and the transport and installation of the new system.

The journey of the new machine began in Bassersdorf, from where it was transported to Diepoldsau with “excess width”. Due to the limited space, the machine was brought into the production hall via the hall roof by getting lifted by a pneumatic crane. The roof opening created specifically for this purpose had just enough space for the machine to be inserted with millimetre precision. Fortunately, the weather played into our hands for this logistical challenge. Once the machine was inside the building, our experienced assembly team positioned the machine using heavy-duty rollers. Last but not least, the robotic automation system was positioned according to the customer’s layout.


About Espritec AG

Espritec AG, headquartered in Diepoldsau in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, specializes in the production of sophisticated and high-quality manufacturing parts and assemblies. The innovative company utilizes turning and milling technologies for materials such as aluminium, steel, non-ferrous metals, and plastics in small to large production series.



      • Trucks and trailers
      • Forklifts (assembly crane 1.5t, forklift 3.2t)
      • Rotating wheels and sliding equipment
      • Pneumatic crane (partner)



    Etienne, Hansjörg, Didi, Remo

    Pictures: Walter Meier (Fertigungslösungen) AG