The Felsenhof Stacking Tower

The historical Felsenhof building on Pelikanstrasse in Zurich City is currently undergoing a complete renovation. On behalf of Ferdinand Hasler AG, during the final phase of this project, we were tasked with unloading a total of 26 steel staircase elements, some weighing up to 800kg, bringing them into the building, and stacking them during the assembly process.

Due to the very limited space within the 100-year-old building, we set up a mobile crane system in the attic, specifically designed for this operation. The staircase elements were initially distributed across the six floors before gradually assembling the staircase tower from bottom to top.


About Felsenhof

The large building at the corner of St. Annagasse and Pelikanstrasse was designed by architect Hermann Weideli as an office and commercial building and was constructed in 1927. It is located in the center of Zurich, just a few meters from Bahnhofstrasse, within a protected heritage zone. The renovation aims to adapt the building to modern usage needs and replace outdated building technologies.



      • Mobile indoor crane system
      • Fall protection system (PSAgA)
      • Lift truck
      • Various specialized tools



    André, David, Quirin, Silas, Ivo


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