Tackled in the early «Früh» shift

Bringing in the new machinery in the newly built production hall at Früh Verpackungstechnig AG in Fehraltorf was organized in several stages. In the current assignment, two large new machines had to be brought into a future clean room to setup a new packaging production. The task was clear: the machine parts with an individual weight of up to 17t had to be moved into the production room, partly with only very limited space, and lifted and moved without leaving any traces on the white, new clean room floor.

The plant components were first delivered to our heavy goods warehouse in Elgg (ZH); on the one hand, this completely eliminated waiting times or delays due to late truck deliveries, and on the other hand, it also ensured the correct assembly sequence.

Our well-proven 16t Montylift-16 forklift, clean-room trolleys, our 15t hydraulic lifting system and a 3.2t forklift truck with crane arm were used to bring in the goods via our special platform. Part of the equipment was lifted onto the platform with a mobile crane and moved into the hall, where it was placed on top of each other and assembled according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Special attention was paid to the white cleanroom floor; we not only covered it with construction fleece and pavatex plates, we also used our specific cleanroom moving equipment with special rollers, respectively vehicles with white non-marking tires.


About Früh Verpackungstechik AG

Früh Verpackungstechnik is a leading industrial company for sophisticated packaging solutions based in Fehraltorf (ZH), Switzerland. Founded in 1980, the company now employs over 600 people and has established a leading position in the fields of “packaging materials” and “medical contract packaging solutions”. The owner-managed company has set itself the goal of making the protection of medical, pharmaceutical and other high-quality products even safer, faster and better.


Special Equipment:

  • 16t Montylift-16
  • 2t forklift with crane arm
  • Cleanroom trolleys
  • Hydraulic lifting system 15t
  • Pavatex sheets and fleece to protect the floor



Beat, Bruno, Michael, Mirco, David



September 14, 2024

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