Steam locomotive awakens to new life

Maintaining the history of bygone eras is also important to us at BAUBERGER AG. It thus soon became clear to us that we would have to support the DFB inspection centre in Uzwil in moving locomotive parts. We transferred a boiler and cylinder block of a locomotive from the workshop to the warehouse free of charge.



In the 1920s, SLM (Swiss Locomotive and Machine Factory Winterthur) delivered eight HG 4/4 steam locomotives to Indochina, today’s Vietnam. The railway line between Thap Cham and Da Lat was closed in 1975. Two of the locomotives survived the Vietnam War and were found in a desolate, extremely poor and inoperable condition. In the late 1990s, the two locomotives were then returned to Switzerland in a large-scale operation. Since then, they have been carefully restored to a roadworthy condition at the Uzwil and Chur inspection facilities. Starting summer 2018, one of the locomotives will be put back into service on the Furka mountain section.


About DFB AG:

Dampfbahn Furka-Bergstrecke (DFB AG for short) holds the federal concession and is thus responsible for the strategy, construction, marketing and operation of the Furka mountain section. As an official railway company, it maintains and operates the Realp-Furka-Oberwald line with certified, volunteer personnel. DFB AG gives the public an eventful journey through a unique natural landscape in the heart of the Swiss Alps, reviving railway technology from bygone eras.


Special equipment

  • Forklift truck



Pictures: BAUBERGER Nicola Frauenfelder


September 14, 2024

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