Press ballet

The order of the day was to install a press at Jehle AG in Mettauertal in the Swiss Canton of Aargau, where the Rhine separates Switzerland and Germany. The BAUBERGER team arrived at the Upper Rhine with a lot of luggage in order to unload and install a 65-ton heavy press (5 x 4.8 x 3 metres)

After setting up the hydraulic jack, the press, which was delivered horizontally on special transport, was lifted, placed onto industrial transport skates and moved to the installation site. The hydraulic jack was then also moved to the installation site and the press was lifted, turned 90 degrees and set upright. Following these rather balletic manoeuvres, the colossus was lowered with millimetre precision into its prepared foundation pit and prepared for commissioning.

About Jehle AG

As a manufacturer of customer-specific metal components and as a specialist in tool and mould making, Jehle AG supplies a very wide range of customers at home and abroad from a wide variety of industries: Electrical industry, automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, construction industry, furniture industry, medical technology and others.

What began in 1947 in the basement of a residential building has developed over the years into an internationally successful company with 170 employees.

Special equipment

  • 360 tonne (4x 90 tonne) hydraulic jack
  • HYSTER fork lift
  • 2x 12-tonne industrial skates
  • 2x 20-tonne hydraulic jacks
  • Hit Trac


Hansjörg, David, Thomas, Nevio, Philip



September 14, 2024

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