Packing well is half the job in shipping

BAUBERGER AG is active worldwide – here working for a customer in the US. 

Three machine tools with a variety of accessory parts were transported to Elgg and intermediately stored in the heavy cargo warehouse there.

After cleaning and preservation procedures were carried out on the machines, they were rendered seaworthy and packed into two high-cube 40-foot containers and three sturdy wooden crates.

The valuable cargo was transported by truck to Basel, from there by ship up the Rhine to Antwerpen and then by container ship to Houston, Texas. The overseas crossing took 18 days.

The machines with the wooden crates weighed a total of 72 tons. It took five hours to pack the heaviest crate (5.8m by 3.3m by 3.9m – 30 tons).

Pictures: Balz Murer


September 14, 2024

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