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Freedom and self-reliance, entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness – these are Switzerland’s values and simultaneously constitute the bedrock of ETH Zurich. Based on these principles, the founders established the technical university of Switzerland as a home for innovation and knowledge in 1855. 

The INSTITUTE FOR ROBOTICS AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS absolutely reflects these values. The goal of this laboratory is to develop robots and other systems capable of operating independently in complex, differing environments.

Recently, Bauberger had the privilege of carrying out a job in this fascinating environment. There was a lot to do in the MECHANICAL WORKSHOP FOR ROBOTICS AND INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS, where parts for robots are produced on behalf of the professors and students. Two new CNC machines were transported to the ETH by Elgg, installed and levelled. In addition, a lathe was moved into the basement from the workshop, where it found a new site, while several smaller machines were shifted to new positions within the workshop. All of this in the most cramped circumstances, in the heart of Zurich, right next to the ETH main building.

“The job was great fun,” according to Kevin Straub from Bauberger AG, “working in such a special environment was simply fascinating.”

We would like to thank ETH Zurich for this wonderful commission. Bauberger AG is proud to be able to support the ETH’s projects and is naturally also looking forward to see how these research projects will change our life in the future.

Special equipment

  • Truck with crane an jib
  • Forklift truck
  • Chassis with lateral guide rollers


Raffi, Kevin und Bruno

Pictures: BAUBERGER Nicola Frauenfelder


September 14, 2024

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