No more power outages

In April, Switzerland’s first UPS container including a complete data centre was put into operation at Tegometall in Lengwil in the Canton of Thurgau. We at BAUBERGER were commissioned with the unloading and installation. A 40-ton mobile crane unloaded the 11-ton container from the truck and placed it on the rotational skates.

With the help of a forklift, the UPS container was pushed on the skates into the building, between the shelves and in the direction of its final location. The container was turned again there by 90° and positioned in the tightest of spaces.

Adrian Riess of Vertiv says, “As Tegometall’s existing data center was getting on in years, we housed a complete data center in a modular data center (MDC) with uninterruptible power supply (UPS), precision cooling, extinguishing system and racks. This MDC solution was prefabricated in our factory, i.e. completely expanded and all components tested. It was then transported by truck to the installation site, set up and commissioned.” He continues, “We are already planning the installation for the next MDC. Of course again with BAUBERGER AG.”

But what is a UPS anyway?

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, and is used to ensure an uninterrupted supply of power for critical electrical consumers in the event of interruptions in the electric supply mains. With an auxiliary power supply, in contrast, there is a short interruption in the power supply during switchover, for example when switching to a diesel generator. This is exactly the gap that is prevented by the UPS.


About Vertiv Infrastructure:

Vertiv brings together hardware, software, analytics and services to ensure that customers’ applications run continuously, perform optimally and evolve with their business needs. Vertiv solves the key challenges facing data centers, communications networks, and commercial and industrial assets with a portfolio of power, cooling, and IT infrastructure solutions and services that cover networks from cloud to edge computing. The company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA. 20,000 employees work for Vertiv in more than 130 countries worldwide. For more information, news and additional content, visit

About Tegometall:

The internationally successful family company with headquarters in Lengwil develops and produces high-quality shelving systems. The company employs more than 800 workers worldwide at locations all over Europe, and processes up to 105,000 tonnes of steel every year. Its service portfolio extends from development to production and installation all the way to the final inspection of the shelves on site.


Special equipment

  • Assembly truck with trailer
  • Forklift truck
  • 3x 4-ton rotational skates
  • 40-ton mobile crane


Marco, Nue