Machine floats to the second floor

A new 7.2-ton CNC milling machine had to be brought to the second floor through the facade at ABNOX in Cham. The machine, which had been in interim storage at the heavy goods warehouse of BAUBERGER AG, was lifted by a mobile crane from the truck into the transport box and then hoisted up outer facade.

The CNC milling machine was pushed into the building to its location from the transport box and positioned according to the customer’s layout, lowered onto the machine feet and aligned.

BAUBERGER AG sets great store by safety. All of our employees are trained in using PPE against falls, as required by SUVA (Personal Protective Equipment against falls). In addition, use of the PPE against falls is trained and gone into in more detail in a full-day company-specific course.



ABNOX AG in Cham has many years of experience in the fields of lubrication, dosing and clamping technology and has established itself as a leading international provider of such products and services since it was established in 1946. ABNOX takes a keen interest in the customers’ individual needs and so it is no exaggeration to say that its core business consists in finding and developing the optimal technical solution for each and every customer.

Special equipment

  • Truck with crane
  • 100-ton mobile crane
  • 20-ton transport box
  • Gear beams


Beat, Gregor, Etienne


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Pictures & film: Lukas Pitsch