Let the water flow!

This summer, to ensure its excellent Mels mountain spring water can continue to reach consumers, the Swiss start-up Mineralquellen Mels AG brought in and installed a new bottle filling plant.

The plant, made up of various individual sections weighing up to 12 tons, was unloaded by the MONTYLIFT-36 from the delivery trucks and placed on the transport box. The 95-ton mobile crane then hoisted the transport box up to the facade opening. At a height of 4m above the ground, the parts were each supported from below by rotational skates, moved into the building with Habegger equipment and placed at their locations, where they were installed by plant fitters.

About Mineralquellen Mels:

About five percent of all of Europe’s fresh water reserves are found in Switzerland, Europe’s water capital. More than enough to supply every Swiss household. Nevertheless, about 40% of drinking water is imported from abroad. To counter such “unnecessary” imports, three bold entrepreneurs established Mineralquellen Mels AG in 2018. Their two products – Piz Sardona, the mineral water for gourmets and St. Galler Water, the regional water from mountain springs – have enriched the Swiss beverages market.

Special equipment

  • 95-ton mobile craneTransport box
  • Rotational skates
  • Habegger


Peter, Beat, Mike