Just lean back and relax

This is already the second time that Bauberger AG has relocated ComRo Rohner AG in its entirety. This Lucerne-based company specializes in digital printing of all shapes and sizes: from displays or decorative furniture made out of cardboard or wood and individually designed billboards all the way to huge façade posters covering several hundred square meters. Founded in 1996, ComRo relocated in 2005 from Kriens to Rain to its first own corporate site with the help of Bauberger AG. Now the innovative SME enlarged its business premises by one third to 3000m2.

The entire equipment including ten printing and cutting machines up to 12m in width had to be moved about 5km away to the town of Rothenburg. Once there, the CNC cutting and printing machines were installed and leveled. The machines weighing up to 5t had to be put on the first upper floor using a forklift. A special challenge was posed by the fact that the printing and cutting machines had an unbalanced center of gravity and had to be moved through a relatively narrow opening.

But it was no trouble at all. “When you are relocated by Bauberger, you can lean back and relax,” Managing Director Silvan Rohner explained. “You know everything will go well and can concentrate on your own extra tasks that a move brings with it.” Operations had to be partially interrupted for just under a week. After that everything was moved and completely installed. The next job for Bauberger is slated for October: A new 7m long woodworking machine has to be put on the first upper floor.