In the course of time

Founded by Adolf Bär in 1924 in Gwatt, near Thun, the clock factory began operations building and producing mechanical clocks, primarily for church towers. After the development of the first electromechanical master clocks, the factory began to produce industrial watches, which were manufactured under the Inducta AG brand starting in 1962. Over the following years, the product range turned more and more towards large clocks and advertising clocks from all famous watch brands. Inducta AG has since become the world’s leading producer of large clocks and advertisement clocks, thanks to its technical know-how and the great flexibility it brings to individual projects.

The original facility at the Thun location was gradually outgrown, and as it slowly but surely reached the limit of its capacity, a move to the new building in Gwatt was planned. Bauberger installed the new Binkert Ibarmia ZVH48 Milling/Turning Center in August, before the actual move. After the new plant was commissioned, it was finally time for the Bauberger troupe to move in and get to work.

The existing machinery and equipment was disassembled in Thun, transported to Gwatt, and, with the help of Montylifts, forklifts, a backhoe, and other equipment, was installed, assembled, and correctly leveled in the brand-new production building.

Adrian Ruef, Inducta AG project manager for the move, was very satisfied with Bauberger’s operation. He appreciated the high level of expertise and praised the smooth process of the move. “For us, quality and technical competence were enormously important, and we therefore looked for a relocation partner who does this kind of work as their core business. The recommendation of the machine supplier Binkert and our own research brought us to the same name: Bauberger. We would immediately, without much thought, choose the same solution again.”

Special equipment

  • Montylift 16t
  • Forklift 7t + 3,2t
  • Landing gear beam


Roland, Urs, Kurt, Raffael

Pictures: Inducta AG