In case of doubt (or «Zweifel») call BAUBERGER

The most popular Swiss potato chips and snack producer shut down its production machines in Spreitenbach in late autumn – but only for a short time! This year, the facilities were further modernized and expanded. Things had to move quickly on Zweifelstrasse.

The work for BAUBERGER AG started already on Friday and during the whole weekend in shifts to dismantle the old machines together with a steel construction company and bring them outside for disposal. Chain hoists, crane tracks, lifting platforms, mobile steel structures, and various forklifts from 1.5 to 7 tons including various crane arms were used for this purpose.

For safety reasons, the new plant components were delivered to the BAUBERGER warehouse two weeks before the start of the project; this meant that any delays in delivery could be avoided in the very tight project schedule. The new plant components were unpacked and prepared in the correct installation sequence for assembly and then delivered from the BAUBERGER warehouse to the Zweifel factory in Spreitenbach.

Under very tight space conditions the steel structure and the various plant components were placed according to specifications and assembled together with the steelworkers just below the ceiling over several floors. Afterwards, the plant was integrated into the existing facilities and prepared to start the manufacturing processes soon – so that the favorite Swiss chips continue to taste crisp and spicy!


Special tools

  • Gas and electric forklifts from 1.5 to seven tons lifting capacity
  • Different crane arms
  • Lifting platforms
  • Electrical and mechanical chain hoists and trolleys



André, Christian, Etienne, Peter

Pictures & film: Lukas Pitsch


September 14, 2024

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