How does cream get into its packaging?

At the beginning of July 2018, milk processor ELSA received a new CFA 612-35 filling system from machine manufacturer SIG Combibloc GmbH & Co KG. The system was delivered directly from the manufacturer in the German town of Linnich to Lake Neuchâtel – Estavayer-le-Lac in Fribourg, to be more precise. Immediately after arrival, the BAUBERGER team were on hand to coordinate unloading and installation.

The individual machine parts were lifted off the articulated truck by forklift and crane vehicle and brought into the building via an adaptor ramp. The central element, and thus also the heaviest part of the system at 4.2 tons, was equipped with its own manual shifting device at the factory, meaning our employees could push it from the ramp to its new location.

To install the 2.6-metre high filling system’s 4-ton sprocket wheel, chain hoists were fitted to the production hall’s ceiling girder using lifting platforms. The filling system’s sprocket was attached to this ceiling construction and lifted above its installation location. After positioning the filling system, the sprocket wheel could be easily lowered and mounted in its place in the heart of the system without great effort.

Step-by-step, the other system components were brought in, the complete system assembled before being finally positioned in its new location. Following installation and commissioning, the CFA 612-35 is capable of filling and packaging 6,000 litres of milk or cream per hour in half-litre carton packs with an environmentally-friendly coating. This means that 12,000 packaged milk products can leave the filling line and be ready for sale every hour.

Christian Schumacher, Project Manager at BAUBERGER AG, says: “It’s a pleasure to see new innovations moving into our food manufacturers’ production halls. We are proud to support our customers with the installation of precisely these new systems and to support them with our experience.” He continues: “In the food industry, special additional regulations must be observed, such as cleanliness and hygiene. We are equipped with the necessary operating equipment to precisely meets these requirements and can therefore also keep pace with the industry and fulfil our customers’ wishes.”


About ELSA

ELSA (ESTAVAYER LAIT SA) specialises in the production and packaging of dairy products. It employs 600 people in over 20 professions who process over 269 million kilos of milk into 588 different products every year. A high degree of automation and perfect technology and process control enable ELSA to offer an incomparable and varied range that meets the highest hygiene and quality requirements.

Special equipment

  • Forklift truck with gas operation
  • Clean room rotational skates
  • Clean room special skates


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