Fresh water tank

In Aire-la-Ville (GE, Switzerland), the utility company “SIG” is investing in the modernization of its waste treatment and recycling plant for the canton of Geneva.

On behalf of Matthey-Petit, we were bringing in a 10m long and 4m high feed water tank with a total weight of 25t into the plant. We lifted it to a height of 4.5m to fuse it with the support structures of the wall.

When moving the tank in, the space was quite tight. We only had 10cm of air between the tank and the ceiling. At the final destination, the tank was lifted with our lifting equipment and placed on a steel construction. Next, the tank together with the complete steel structure was elevated to 10m, which was just possible by using the maximum height range of our lifting equipment.

At this height, the complete construction was moved by 50cm towards the wall, finally assembled on the steel construction and positioned in the prepared support structures in the wall.


About SIG

SIG is a Swiss utility company that provides various local services. They serve 225’000 customers in the canton of Geneva and supply water, gas, electricity and thermal energy. SIG is responsible for wastewater treatment and waste recycling and offers services in the energy and telecommunications sectors. Its activities aim to promote lower and more efficient consumption in order to contribute to a sustainable development.


Special tools:

  • Lifting system 360t
  • Heavy duty roller trolleys
  • Carrier HEB 650, 13m


Michi, Didi, David

Fotos: BAUBERGER / Matthey-Petit


September 14, 2024

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