Five in one fell swoop

Anyone in Switzerland facing a machinery relocation problem calls Bauberger.

MidaTEC did just that. This company in the Swiss canton of Ticino has specialized since 1990 in the trading, repairing, dismantling and re-installing machinery of all kinds.

After the submission of a bid based solely on photos and a brief visit shortly before Ruedi Bauberger carried out the project, it was clear that the presses could be moved in an upright position. A forklift with a crane arm loaded the five presses directly on a truck, which then drove from Magliaso to Bioggo some five kilometers away. There, the presses were taken off the truck and directly set and bolted onto anchor rods that had been prepared in advance. Duration: 4.5 hours.

Without Bauberger’s special equipment and knowledge, the five presses would have had to have been dismantled, laid down horizontally, transported in that position, and reassembled at the new site. That would have taken a total of two days and required an additional truck. The costs would have been three times as high.

Managing Director Mario Midali: “I’m very pleased with the job Bauberger did. It saved us not only time but money as well.” MidaTEC had already worked with Bauberger years ago. Midali no longer knows what machine was moved at the time. “The main thing is that I do remember how good the collaboration was,” he said with a chuckle.


Team:Raffael, Rico
Special equipment:7t forklift with crane arm
Total weight of equipment:13.5t
Weight per press:3.2t



September 14, 2024

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