Dishwasher XXXXL

At the site of Rhaezuenser Mineral Water we were tasked with replacing the bottle cleaning machine – with a weight of 33 tons, a length of 12.5m, a width of 4.4m and a height of 3.6m definitely a dishwasher in the size XXXXL.

Especially challenging was the very tight situation, which were a few centimeters during the bringing in and out. Besides the whole project had to follow a very tight schedule, as the production down time had to be limited to a very short time span.

Thanks to a very profound planning and a great collaboration amongst the 10 involved companies, production restart took place as planned.


Link Rhäzünser

Special equipment

  • Moving skates 12t
  • Hitracs
  • Forklift 2.5t
  • Special crane 1.5t

André, Markus, Bruno, Jan, Philipp, Reto