Delivering a pretty heavy package

Our assignment in snow-covered Eschenbach at Sistag AG, on behalf of convertero AG, began with a lot of salt. Due to the wintry conditions and cold temperatures, the area in front of the loading gate first had to be cleared of ice and snow, where we then set up a temporary platform for unloading.

After the arrival of a total of 53 tonnes of material, including the extra-wide machining centre a on low-bed semi-trailer, we removed its transport packaging and lifted it to the previously erected platform with the help of a mobile crane. We then moved the 31-tonne machine with our hydraulic undercarriage into the production hall, just before the next snowfall. The final alignment, anchoring and levelling were completed by the specialists at convertero AG and ourselves. This efficient collaboration ensured that the ambitious schedule was kept to right to the end. The entire automated system weighed an impressive 43 tonnes when assembled.


About Sistag AG

Sistag AG is a Swiss family business based in Eschenbach (LU). The company serves various markets around the world with shut-off valves developed and manufactured in-house for numerous applications, such as wastewater treatment, biogas and chemical plants.



      • Trucks and trailers
      • Forklift 7t
      • Hydraulic undercarriage (35 tonnes)
      • Various specialised equipment
      • Tyre crane (partner)


    Bruno, Marco, Ale


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    Pictures and film: Lukas Pitsch