Collaboration and a machine

Bauberger managed to defy the extremely cramped conditions thanks to a special machine and clever collaboration.

Schilliger Holz AG is an innovative wood producer in the fifth generation and has about 300 employees. It delivers boards, beams and special wood products throughout Europe. A new 130 t rotary press for pressing wood was supposed to be installed at a new site. Although the hall was quite large (80 m by 30 m), it was not very high.

A vehicle-mounted crane was not able to be used because of the low ceiling. The use of hydraulic column lifts would have been much more elaborate and expensive. Besides, it would have taken longer. So the only other remaining option was to open up the roof – or to use the Hubylift-75 from Bauberger AG. This special model from the USA moves with loads of up to 50t on the rotating lifting hook or 75t on the head plate. 

To make sure the move went smoothly and quickly, the supplier Minda, a specialist in building systems for the solid wood industry, set up the system in its own factory and successfully commissioned it. Then the press was dismantled for transport in appropriate individual parts, so that it could be moved to the site in Haltikon in Küssnacht am Rigi and installed right there. “Bauberger and the supplier worked together superbly”, Beat Schilliger, member of the management board, said. “Bauberger is highly professional and the Number 1 service provider for special cases such as these.”

After eight days, the rotary press was fully installed and aligned. The preparations for this special installation project took about four weeks. Ultimately, 100 truckloads of machinery and conveying equipment will be installed. The first tests with the new systems are planned to be done following an interruption of 3.5 months.

 Fact Sheet Hubylift-75 (in German)

Team:Dieter Greuter, Thomas Aerne
Special tool:Hubylift-75
Total weight of tool:25t
Heaviest part:14t



September 14, 2024

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