Cheers to the relocation!

The beverage company GETRÄNKE LUSSI AG started on a farm that produced its own cider and from there became an independent beverage trader. The Lussi family blazed a trail for the industry in 1981 by constructing a new cash-and-carry store for beverages, the first in Switzerland.

Its own products are among the traditional beverages of the Canton of Nidwalden. They include Orangenmost (orange-apple drink), Schorle (apple juice mixed with carbonated water), Schützengold (non-alcoholic apple wine) and Migi Moscht (apple wine).  Besides its well-known plum, pear and herbal schnapps, the company’s distillery produces schnapps from apricots, wild apples, strawberries, as well as Enzian (from the roots of Gentiana lutea) and Vieille Prune (plum liqueur), etc. The innovative company is constantly developing new products. For instance, in 2014, it introduced Honig Williams and Honigkräuter (honey-pear and honey-herbal schnapps). In 2015 it even distilled its own first gin in Nidwalden, which it sells under the brand name MiGin.

The next chapter in the successful history of GETRÄNKE LUSSI AG began in February 2016 with a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new facility at the new production site in Oberdorf. At the end of June 2017, the time had finally come for the relocation. Bauberger AG was hired to handle the move from the old facility in Stans to the new one at Aawasserstrasse 6 in Oberdorf.

Various new bottling plants were delivered, unloaded and transported into the new hall. Many of the plant parts were lifted up and through the open windows by a knuckle-boom crane and/or a 10 ton transport box. In a collaboration with the installation team from the machinery manufacturer, the plants were assembled at their new sites and then leveled and put into operation. Silos and tanks were laid on their sides and transported as such into the building through the underground garage entrance. They were then set upright on site by the hydraulic gantry system and installed.

Bruno Christen, the project manager from Getränke Lussi AG, is fully satisfied with the performance of Bauberger and highly appreciative of the flexibility the fitters displayed on site. Bruno Christen: “The next time we have machines and plants to relocate I know immediately the company I have to call.”

Special equipment

  • Knuckle-boom crane 105
  • 10 t transport box
  • Hydraulic gantry system
  • 3x fork lift trucks (3 – 5 t)


André, Reto, Peter and Didi