By Day …

BAUBERGER AG is active internationally day and night – whether the task is at sea level or at 3,000 meter above sea level.

An experienced team of two to four men handle jobs that entail moving large tonnages precisely and with as little interruption of production operations as possible. One such job involved moving a Dieffenbacher hydraulic press in the Canton of Aargau in late April 2015.

Step one was to remove the accessory parts of the old 87-ton hydraulic press: electrical control cabinets, hydraulic unit, hydraulic tank, platform, handrails, and sundry small parts. Then the machine body was laid down horizontally by four hydraulic column lifts and loaded directly on the transport vehicle to be taken to a new site for installation.

Team:Christian Schumacher,
Gregor Schädler,
André Meier,
Willy Büsser, and
Roland Kundert
Object:Dieffenbacher hydraulic press
Size:7.5 x 3.3 x 2.2 m
Weight of press body:80 tons
Total weight of press:87 tons
Material weight:total of 79 tons

Lifting and moving equipment:

  • Two 90 t column lifts
  • Two 32 t column lifts
  • Fork lift truck, 7 t, with boom
  • Work platform, 7 meters
  • Knuckle boom crane, 100 metric tons
  • Installation dollies
  • Steel cross bars, travel rails, lifting lug, modular wood pieces, 120 t transport dollies, machine lifter, etc.