Blue and yellow makes green power

The hydroelectric power plant on the Interlaken canal is owned and operated by “Industrielle Betriebe Interlaken AG” and uses the gradient between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun to generate electricity. It dates back to 1892 when the canal between Lake Thun and Interlaken-West was built. Two years after the canal, the power station was built. After the turbines were replaced in 1924, it was now time to replace all power plant components including the three machine groups.

As a subcontractor of Troyer AG, we brought the three 13t generators into the hydroelectric power plant and positioned them. The generators, which were delivered lying on a truck, were reloaded onto a heavy-duty trailer with our Montylift-36 and pulled into the power plant. With two 32t lifting columns and the overhead crane, we put the generators into an upright position and moved them over the new fundaments, where they were placed on the turbines with millimeter precision.

About Troyer AG

Troyer AG, based in Sterzing (IT), designs, builds and operates high-quality water turbines and hydroelectric power plants. The company from South Tyrol has always strived to develop, design, manufacture, assemble and commission the components of a hydropower plant itself, from the turbine to the power grid. Among its subsidiaries is Troyer Suisse AG, based in Switzerland.

Operational equipment

  • Two 32t lifting columns
  • Various forklifts incl. Montylift-36t
  • Rails and other special tools


Michael, Bruno, Mik



September 14, 2024

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