Big machines travel for small molecules

It already felt like summer during our multi-day assignment at Bruker Switzerland AG in Fällanden in June 2021. Our mission was to move 24 machines from 125kg to 9.5t from the basement and ground floor of the old location to the third floor of the new location in the same district.

As the new location was just around the corner, we transported the machines partly with our truck or directly with our Montylift-16.

While we used the goods lift to bring the smaller machines to the 3rd floor, the largest machines with weights of up to nine and a half tonnes had to be lifted to the opening in the front of the building on the 3rd floor with our Barelle (platform, 20t) and a mobile crane. There the machines were pushed into the building onto a platform inside the building, lifted down with lifting columns and moved to the final location according to the customer’s layout.

Über Bruker

With more than 6900 employees in over 90 locations worldwide, Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) is a global manufacturer of high-end analytical instruments for the educational & government, pharmaceutical/biotechnology, clinical diagnostic and industrial markets. The company was founded in Germany in 1960 and is now headquartered in the US.

Special Tools:

  • Barelle (platform) 20t
  • Lifting system 4x9t
  • Truck
  • Montylift-16 and other forklifts
  • various moving equipment


Beat, David, Etienne, Fabio, Didi, Roland, Reto, Marco

Photos: Lukas Pitsch


September 14, 2024

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