Hybrid à la BAUBERGER

During several weeks in the summer and autumn of 2021, we were active on site at Pronatec Production AG in Beringen to unload, move and relocate the new cocoa processing plant, including a tank farm, dryer, roaster, grinder, packaging plant, etc.

We had to make use of every millimeter during the insertion of various plant components, as they had to be in a final position very close under the hall ceiling.

As usual, very strict hygiene regulations apply for working in the food industry. Among other things, the operation of diesel engines in the interior is prohibited. Literally overnight, we therefore converted our truck-mounted crane to electric operation with the help of a hydraulic unit – the first plug-in hybrid in the company’s history! To keep the floor clean, we even wrapped the tires of our truck in protective socks.

About Pronatec AG

For more than 40 years, Pronatec has been a pioneer in organically produced and fair-traded cocoa products, sugar, vanilla, and spices. Today, approximately 50 employees work at the headquarters in Winterthur and around 300 people are employed in subsidiaries in the countries of origin of the products. Pronatec supplies the food industry and retailers with high-quality organic and fair-trade certified products directly from origin.

Special tools

  • Montylift-36t
  • Truck crane with plug-in hybrid
  • Forklifts 7t, 2.5t, 1.5t
  • Forklift crane arms 8.4t and 3.2t
  • Clean room (rotary) trolleys
  • Assembly container


BAP, MEA, FUR, WYR, and many more

Pictures: Pronatec AG & BAUBERGER AG


September 14, 2024

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