BAUBERGER aims high – but stays safe!

In our field of work, we constantly face risks and hazards which we want to control to protect our employees. For this reason, we regularly invest in equipping and training our employees, in order to ensure the safest possible work.

This year we have revived the topic of PPE against falls (Personal Protective Equipment against falls). In addition to a one-day basic training course, which all employees with a SUVA certificate have completed, we practised and further explored the application of PPE against falls at a company-specific training course in Elgg.

About PPE against falls:

For carrying out work at a height of two metres or more above ground level, the employees involved require protection against falls in accordance with SUVA regulations. Training by certified personnel is necessary and mandatory in order for work to be carried out while using Personal Protective Equipment against falls. During the one-day training course, a theory block allows participants to get to know and appreciate the principles and hazards. Following this, in practical lessons they learn how to secure themselves properly and use PPE against falls.

Special equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment against falls


the whole BAUBERGER team