Avalanche Danger – On a Research Mission in Davos

Despite the massive snowfall in April, there was no risk of postponing our assignment in Davos for the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF.

Due to current renovation at their site in Davos, various machines, equipment and other resources had to be moved from the existing building to a provisional place and set up for temporary operation. Since not all the machines and equipment in the provisional building are needed on a daily basis, we also moved some equipment to an external storage facility in the Flüela-valley – on special pallets or packed in plastic boxes.

The heaviest object, a six-tonne CNC machine, was moved by our Montylift-16 into the new provisional facility. Smaller equipment and machines up to 1.5t were loaded onto our truck with our smaller Montylift and transported to the new location. The welding table had to be tilted to move it into the welding room and rotated back into working position in the room by using our two-tonne chain hoists.

The entire move was carried out and completed on time thanks to the good preparation of the SLF and the productive cooperation.

About SLF

The WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF is globally acknowledged research institute in its field. In addition to basic research, the SLF also conducts applied research and offers various services like the avalanche bulletin. The SLF carries out research at the highest level and at the same time contributes to the solution of urgent social questions in the field of natural hazard warning or the analysis of climate and environmental changes in mountain regions.

Operating Equipment:

  • Montylift 16t and other forklifts
  • Chain hoists 2t
  • Material for temporary storage incl. 40 plastic boxes for storage


Christian, Reto, Dieter

Photo-credits: SLF


September 14, 2024

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