ARTistic transportation

Question: How do you transport a heavy 22-ton stone block with a height of four meters from A to B, which has been artistically created by the artist and sculptor Melanie Sterba in months of handwork?

Answer: Very carefully!


In order not to damage the delicate object, it was wrapped in bubble wrap and woolen blankets before being lifted. The delicate edges were protected with edge protectors. A mobile crane was used to load the work of art upright into a central low-loader to move it to its final place.

At the destination, it was lifted again with the mobile crane and placed on the prepared foundation with a tolerance of only a few millimeters. To make the transport possible, various roads had to be closed, public transport had to be diverted and the authorities and residents had to be informed.


About the artist and the Milestone

The 26-year-old artist already knew at the age of 14 that she wanted to become a sculptor one day. During her apprenticeship, her exceptional talent became apparent, which was confirmed by the various awards she received for her work later on.

The artist created the Milestone over the last two years. The block of stone was blasted out of the mountain in Ticino and later sculptured outdoors in front of her studio. It reflects “the victory of the human will”, which means that the boulder of gneiss, a material harder than granite, can be deformed at will even by humans. More about this project:


Special tools

  • Mobile crane 90t
  • Centre low loader
  • Wool blankets, bubble wrap foil

Roland, Bruno, David


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