Advanced valet-parking

Advanced Valet-Parking

In June 2022, we parked a 31t mobile MRI unit on a trailer next to the hospital at the Hirslanden Clinic in Aarau. As the MRI needs to be operated in the trailer, it had to be placed forward in the driveway, which is very narrow due to trees, walls, and protruding building structures.

To do this, we mounted a simple dolly with steel trestle and fifth wheel coupling onto our industrial truck, steered with a small forklift and pushed with a large forklift. In order to get the heavy unit around the narrow corners, the trailer had to be placed on transport rollers and also moved sideways – at the narrowest point, we had about 2 cm of air on both sides.

Special tools

  • Special dolly
  • Forklift 2t und 16t
  • Various trolleys & stick winches
  • A lot of sweat and creativity


Michael, Roland, Martin

Pictures: Siemens Healthcare AG, Hirslanden Klinik Aarau