A tricky lightweight

A private customer was allowed to take over a Colchester lathe from his employer, which he wanted to put into his hobby room. Basically, an easy exercise with a machine weight of only 900kg. But it was trickier than it seems.

His house has no direct connection to the street and can only be reached by stairs. From the street to the house, a distance of 35m and a height of 17m has to be overcome. Moreover, the basement can only be reached from the outside by a narrow staircase – and there is also sharp corner to be passed before entering the basement.

After picking up the lathe and transporting it to our Bauberger heavy goods storage, we used our fixed crane and tilted it upright to allow the oil to drain out. At the customer site, the lathe was lifted by a MK63 crane from our trailer. The vertically suspended lathe was moved through the cellar door in the stairwell and rotated in the air while still hanging on the crane. The final move was to set it down on our trolleys and move it to its final destination in the hobby room.



  • Assembly trolley
  • Towing equipment
  • MK63 mobile crane



Michi, Phillip



September 14, 2024

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