The hot and heavy oldie

The 56-ton heavy boiler, 8 meters long and 4 meters thick, has been decommissioned and had to be extracted at Perlen Papier AG. After being disconnected from all the pipes and opening up the facade by Demontagen plus AG, it was our turn.

Underneath the boiler, a steel beam runway was installed on both sides, on which the boiler was pulled out for approximately 3 meters out of the building using heavy-duty rollers and our truck-mounted crane. From there, it was loaded onto a specialized transport vehicle by a mobile crane, initially hanging from one side and then completely suspended.


About Demontagen plus AG

Demontagen plus AG is based in Buochs and specializes in the dismantling of facilities in the areas of plumbing, heating, ventilation, and industrial installations, as well as carrying out various types of clearance work.


About Perlen Papier AG

Perlen Papier AG is a family-owned company with a long-standing tradition and is the leading manufacturer of high-quality magazine and newsprint papers in Switzerland. They produce 560,000 tons annually, employ over 360 staff members, and are located in Perlen, in the municipality of Root in the canton of Lucerne.


Special tools

    • Truck-mounted crane
    • Steel beam runway and steel blocks
    • Heavy-duty transport rollers
    • Hydraulic heavy-duty lifters and flat lifting cylinders


Roland, Etienne, Marco

Pictures: Josef Zimmermann, Demontagen Plus


September 14, 2024

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