100 Days in Operation

Renergia, a modern waste incineration plant, has been operating for three months. Bauberger mounted four tanks for this plant.

As is so often the case, the cramped conditions posed the real challenge. The three district heating tanks and one compensation tank for the waste incineration plant had to be moved into the interior of the building. This task was child’s play for the Montylift-36. The tanks were first unloaded and then transported horizontally into the building – they looked like submarines. There were just a few centimeters of clearance all the way to the ceiling, so setting up the tanks (12.5 m high and 3.63 m in diameter) was no easy task.

Bauberger AG devised a special plan that called for the installation of two specially made holding plates under the ceiling, fastened by means of eight threaded rods and two counter plates. With two pulleys and two hoists, the 25 ton load was set upright and then moved in upright position on transport dollies into the final position. The move took a week overall, counting installation setup. After being moved, the tanks were insulated and cast into a base.

Pictures: Ruedi Bauberger