Night at the shopping mall

One Saturday evening after shop closing-time, in the middle of November, the BAUBERGER elves gathered in front of the Manor shopping centre in Sargans. Six 7.5-tonne escalators, which were to be decommissioned owing to their age, had to be replaced by new ones. In order to be able to complete the work in the allocated time slot, from Saturday evening to Sunday evening, the work was carried out in consecutive shifts.

Starting on the third floor, the old escalators were dismantled and transported to the outside via the façade opening, where they were lowered down by mobile crane and loaded directly onto trailers for disposal. Section by section, the team worked its way down the stair tower until all the escalators were dismantled and removed. Like the old ones, the new escalators, were installed in the stair tower section by section using electric chain hoists, this time from the bottom up, with the aid of mobile crane brackets. The assignment was successfully completed after twenty-four exhausting hours, and the store was able to reopen punctually on Monday morning without the customers noticing anything.

About Otis:

The market leader for elevators and escalators can be found in almost every corner of the globe. Every day, billions of people worldwide are moved in or on an OTIS product. Since Elisha Otis presented his new invention, an automatic safety brake, at the New York World’s Fair in 1854, the company has grown steadily, offering its products and services in 200 countries and regions and employing more than 67,000 people worldwide.

Special equipment

  • 8-tonne crane brackets
  • Electric chain hoists
  • Rotational skates
  • Personal Protective Equipment against falls


Hansjörg, Jannik, Etienne, Michael, Erich, André, Bruno, Reto, Roland, Urs


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