New colossus in Flums

Over the course of several weeks, a new Soraluce VTC 8000 vertical lathe, weighting 214 tons, was delivered and installed by a BAUBERGER team. Piece by piece, the individual components weighing several tons each (maximum component weight is up to 46 tons) was delivered by transport vehicles and some even unloaded by means of a tandem lift with two mobile cranes. The components were then be brought into the production hall on heavy duty track equipment, and, using a hydraulic jacking system with hydraulic lateral thrust, positioned and installed in their final location.

“In order to bring in and install the heavy and complex machinery in our existing production hall, we relied on BAUBERGER know-how”, explains Edi Hurschler from Grossbearbeitungs AG. “We had to be one-hundred percent certain that the installation of these immense machine components could be correctly and safely carried out, in spite of the tight spacing and the limitations of our own infrastructure. We were more than satisfied with the highly professional planning and execution. But actually, we knew what to expect, because we had previous encounters with BAUBERGER.



Grossbearbeitungs AG in Flums is a business division of the BMF GROUP AG, a family enterprise with deep roots in the region. The BMF GROUP AG is a leading international company within the fields of funicular railways and amusement parks, mechanical engineering, and state-of-the-art metal and sheet metal processing. For more than 55 years, they have been much appreciated by their clients across the globe for their high reliability.


Special equipment

  • Jacking system with hydraulic lateral thrust
  • Mobile crane
  • Undercarriages


Beat, Urs, Erich, Willy, Thomas, Hansjörg, Etienne

Pictures: BAUBERGER Nicola Frauenfelder


September 14, 2024

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