Machinery installation - Fast and safe

Our mechanics are specialized in mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical work on machines and installations. A large selection of lifting and moving equipment with up to 540t lifting capacity ensures optimal and efficient use during machine assembly and disassembly for your relocation or installation of the new plant. Fast, precise and safe.

Careful machine assembly

Machine assembly is the last step after a successful move and transport or new installation of a machine or plant on site in industrial halls or production facilities. Thanks to precise planning in advance and potential interim storage in our heavy goods warehouses, we minimize delays in delivery, take care of logistics if required, and ensure that deliveries are ready on time. In this way, the relocation of machines and factories can be realized with minimal impact on ongoing production. Thanks to our extensive experience and well-coordinated teams, we bring valuable expertise from machinery, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Disassembly of machines for sale or disposal

During the disassembly and moving process of existing machines, the impact on ongoing production processes has to be minimized. We can cover the entire spectrum from the dismantling of individual plant components to the surgical dismantling of complete production lines including related transportation. The customer decides in advance whether the dismantled plant or machinery is to be disposed, reused or sold.

Machine relocations

The relocation of machinery requires detailed planning as well as coordinated efforts of all parties involved. When space is tight, special tools and individual schedules become important success factors for a smooth machine relocation.

Our moving systems

  • Air cushion transport systems
  • Rotating roller units
  • Heavy duty roller units