Industrial and machine relocations

Our core competence is the relocation of machines and complete factories. As a generalist, we have an overview of the overall operation and know how to apply our wide-ranging expertise in a targeted manner. Therefore, when it comes to a smooth industrial relocation, we know the right mix and can offer everything from a single source.

We know the key factors when it comes to moving factories and machinery relocations

For an efficient and smooth move, the following factors need to be considered:

  • Time (minimum interruption of production)
  • Situation on site (inside the building and surroundings)
  • Transport requirements of the objects to be moved
  • Social and organisational conditions at the customer’s premises

Our teams for industrial relocations are put together on a project basis to optimally respond to customer requirements and the situation on site, for example language, type of machine(s) and complexity of relocation, etc. Based on these parameters, we dispatch special equipment and coordinate all the companies involved. Our decades of experience guarantee short downtimes and efficient relocation of machines and entire factories during industrial relocations.

Machine and industrial relocations Switzerland

During a machine relocation, we even move 180t gas turbines or bring escalators up to the 3400m Jungfraujoch at -20°C, but it can also be a CNC machine that needs to be brought in, moved, or transported away. But an industrial relocation can also be more complex: whether it’s an entire guetzli factory from Trimbach to Malters, an 18t beer can bottler in Rheinfelden, a potato crisps production in Zurich or a dairy product bottling plant in Emmen – we also move entire factories and productions, on any floor, with Swiss quality.

Machine transportation

Machine transport is a central activity during a move. For in-house machine transports, we use assembly cranes and forklifts with lifting capacities from 1.5 to 75t, trucks and trailers with total towing weights of up to 90t, in addition to our heavy-duty chassis. In addition, hydraulic lifting columns with forces of up to 540t or project-specific special constructions can be set up. For external machine transports, our trucks and trailers specifically built for machine transports are primarily used. Suitable external transport vehicles can also be used to supplement our own fleet if needed.

International factory relocations

Our services also include international machine relocations and special transports, both import and export, with export packaging and reassembly on site if required. We have a broad international network with reliable partners and decades of excellent cooperation.

Costs under control

With more than 48 years of experience in the market, we can determine the costs of the relocation project in advance. We are used to plan every assignment down to the smallest detail to minimize potential risks and avoid negative surprises during the execution.

Additional industrial relocation services

Our industrial relocations are complemented by other services such as machine assembly and maintenance as well as our heavy goods warehouses in Elgg (ZH) or Biel (BE) and complete our range of services as a general contractor for factory relocations.