Four Machines in Four Days

Very little space and a lot of experience, short downtimes and years of collaboration.

The innovative family-owned company Troxler AG has been producing custom precision parts for cable processing and medical equipment for the international market since 1998. The machining centers have to have correspondingly ingenious technology. Thanks to its ultra-modern six-axis control, the MAZAK VTC-800/30SDR can machine and produce tiny to medium-sized parts extremely efficiently in a small number of work steps.

Owner and managing director Roland Troxler: “It was important that despite the move, we were able to continue working and to minimize the downtime for the machinery.” It was the ideal job for Bauberger.  In just four days, two older machine tools were replaced with two new ones. The task entailed dismantling the old equipment as well as installing the new equipment, anchoring it in place and levelling it. First, the two new machines imported from Japan had to be made good to go in the heavy cargo warehouse: That means they had to be taken out of their shipping crates and checked and any bare parts had to be greased.

But the best technical equipment is no help at all without the experience and knowledge of how to make the most efficient and innovative use of highly modern technology. That holds true for Troxler AG as well as Bauberger AG. The challenge in this relocation was the tight space situation on site. One part of the industrial building was just 18 centimeters higher than the machine. A machine is generally raised above the threaded rods of the anchors and then put into place. That was not possible in this case. So, 24 holes were drilled, fitted with threaded sleeves to allow the threaded bolts to be placed flush with the ground and the machine tool to be moved to its intended spot. It is crucial for machine geometry that high precision machines be bolted to the floor and precisely leveled. That is the only way to ensure consistently accurate performance by the machining center.

Incidentally, Bauberger AG had already transported the machinery of Troxler AG when the latter was first established and in 2003 when it moved to its current address. If Troxler ever wants to move machinery again, it is certain to call on Bauberger to help with the task.

Team:Nevio Ott
Bruno Rempfler
Weight of machinery:Total of 54.5 tons
Special tools:Montylift-36, drill for boring holes


September 14, 2024

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