Professional mechanics for international plant relocation
Company’s purposeGlobal contractor for international industrial relocation, machinery installation and maintenance. Heavy cargo warehouse (4,000m2) and test center for installation and assembly, training and sales presentations.
Company foundingFounded in 1974 as a sole proprietorship by Rudolf and Barbara Bauberger.
Company formStock corporation, a company of the Knecht Holding AG
PersonnelA maximum of 15 work groups with one- to four-man teams.
EquipmentInstallation dollies, lifting and moving equipment, laser measuring systems, knuckle boom cranes with a capacity of up to 100 tons, pallets (covered), air-suspended tarpaulin and low-bed vehicles, air cushion transport systems and compressors, forklifts with lifting capacity of up to 75 tons, hydraulic gantries with a lifting capacity of up to 540 tons, vehicle-mounted crane and large-scale crawler cranes through our partners.


September 14, 2024

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