Modern vehicle fleet

At the beginning of 2023, we were already welcoming another vehicle: the Nissan taken over from KRAN-HAG AG is now shining in blue-yellow and is pulling a fully equipped trailer with manual assembly, lifting and moving gear.

In 2022 and 2023, we further expanded our vehicle fleet. In addition to various new Skodas and a new 5.5t electric forklift truck, we are proud to present another highlight: a new Mercedes Benz Actross 3353 with Dinkel semi-trailer. Thanks to the 22t payload, which can be increased to 35t with a special permit, and the 13.4m long loading area, it is one of our largest vehicles. The 3-axle trailer can be widened to a maximum of 4.98m and thanks to the hydraulic ramps we can load our forklifts safely and efficiently.

We ended the year 2020 with a promising investment by adding another highlight to the BAUBERGER vehicle fleet. With a bridge length of 8m and an interior height of almost 3m, the new Scania can either transport our own vehicles or large machines weighing up to 27 tonnes, powered with 540 hp. This means we can even transport our Montylift-36 without an additional permit – and thanks to the hydraulic ramps, we can load and unload very quickly. Similar to its big brother with the V8, “our new one” has full air suspension and protects its load against the weather with a full canopy.

In spring 2020 the BAUBERGER fleet was further modernized. The new vehicle is Scania with a 650 HP V8 engine, 5 axles, 90 tons total towing weight and a Palfinger 78mt rear crane. With a payload of 17 tons, a bridge length of 6m and a loading height of 2.88m, it can load larger machines directly onto the truck bridge. Thanks to full air-suspension and a low chassis there is enough space to transport machines up to almost three meters high. In addition, the closed vehicle construction also protects particularly sensitive transportation goods.

Another new vehicle in the BAUBERGER vehicle fleet is the new Volvo FH D13, 6×4 with 540 HP, full air suspension and a liftable rear drive axle. The truck is equipped with a special bridge with sliding tarpaulin body, heavy-duty jump rings and a 6-ton lifting platform.

In addition, the fleet now contains a new Skoda Octavia adorned with the familiar BAUBERGER look.