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Formal technical acceptance and test drive of the global innovation Montylift-16-DM, a dual-mast forklift in the USA.

The BAUBERGER team gave themselves a great Christmas present: Ruedi and Moritz Bauberger traveled to Kansas City in December for the formal technical acceptance procedure at the manufacturing plant to test the fifth Montylift of BAUBERGER AG personally.

This dual-mast Montylift-16-DM, a global innovation, was developed and produced at the request of the innovative Swiss company. Instead of the hydraulic boom, a second lifting mast is mounted on the front. “The doubling of the lifting height to 4.82m with an unchanged design height and a narrow vehicle width of only 1.56m is a technical sensation,” Ruedi Bauberger said enthusiastically.

The anticipation was great – and prolonged: The order had been submitted two years before because of the heavy demand and the fact that each device is a custom model built to meet the exact needs of the customer. The delivery period was therefore more than two years long. In addition to its two large 36-ton Montylifts, Buchberger will thus be operating three identical 16-ton forklifts from March 2016 onward: Nos. 511 and 521 and the new No. 531, the dual-mast Montylift-16-DM.

Lifting capacity:16 tons
Lifting height of dual-mast:4,82 meters
Vehicle width:1,56 meters
Powered by:Propane gas und gasonline motor (dual operation)
Gabellänge (Standard):2,8 meters (forks detachable)
Boom lifting height :6,89 meters
Hoisting winch in single-pull mode:3 tons
Hoisting winch in quadruple-pull mode:12 tons
Counter weights (detachable):3 weights 0.85 tons apiece
Rear axle:Hydraulic telescopic


September 14, 2024

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