By Night …

BAUBERGER AG not only works at every location and under any circumstances but also at any time, including nighttime.

After being dismantled, the 80-ton Dieffenbacher hydraulic press was transported to its new site. The road had to be closed, so the work was carried out at night.

Two vehicle-mounted cranes with lifting capacities of 180 t and 500 t moved the tonnage through an opening in the roof and placed it upright on the already prepared equipment plinth. Then, the mechanics from Bauberger re-attached the accessory parts and conducted a trial run to put the machinery back into operation.


Team:Christian Schumacher,
Gregor Schädler,
André Meier,
Willy Büsser, and
Roland Kundert
Object:Dieffenbacher hydraulic press
Size:7.5 x 3.3 x 2.2 m
Weight of press body:80 tons
Total weight of press:87 tons
Material weight:total of 79 tons

Lifting and moving equipment:

  • Two 90 t column lifts
  • Two 32 t column lifts
  • Fork lift truck, 7 t, with boom
  • Work platform, 7 meters
  • Knuckle boom crane, 100 metric tons
  • Installation dollies
  • Steel cross bars, travel rails, lifting lug, modular wood pieces, 120 t transport dollies, machine lifter, etc.



September 14, 2024

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